Mediterranean Oil Projects - The olive tree ecosystem

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The traditional olive tree is a very important reserve of flora and fauna biodiversity, which demonstrates that this type of agriculture produces the recovery and regeneration of wild species that create an authentic wildlife ecosystem.

This model of agriculture allows the conservation of nature in the areas and spaces of the Mediterranean, bringing added value to the peoples who live there.

Glocal economy

The olive tree represents an important source of economic wealth at local and international level, for people who dedicate themselves to olive growing, generating income for its populations who work in the surrounding area, which allows people to settle in the territory.

This rich ecosystem allows the creation of different business models based on the sustainable exploitation of its resources and the different raw materials that can be extracted from them.


Thanks to an efficient and profitable sustainable olive tree it is possible to produce a phenomenon of human repopulation in different viral areas of the Mediterranean, which makes possible the fixation of populations in its territories avoiding migration, with exploitations that diversify its resources so that they can obtain fair and dignified income.


The creation of employment is a very important factor as a generator of wealth and stability in several Mediterranean countries and in the world linked to the olive tree and the production of oil.

The olive sector creates a number of direct and indirect jobs through a business ecosystem that develops products and services such as table olives, oil, cosmetics, oleotorism, fair, by-products, agricultural machinery and industrial, logistics, consulting, training, certification, design, packaging, export, marketing, media, etc.