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Is an innovation consultancy company in the design of sustainable agrifood brands and packaging, which develops strategy, design and corporate communication projects for companies in the olive sector, with the aim of helping them to export and position themselves in international markets. The services are oriented to a new model of sustainable development, which creates a differential and competitive value for our customers.

Francisco Tornos
Designer. Expert
in Brand Design
and Agrifood Packaging

Research for names for brands of companies and oils

We draft the search, selection and proposal of names to register as a brand of new business, oil or relational products with the olive or agrifood sector, based on concepts such as origin, history, territory, product, or with a broader vision oriented to plan more emotional names.

Design of corporate brands and products

Design of corporate brands and oils, which define all the identity factors that give a unique graphic DNA, reflect its philosophy and culture. Design and development of the various communication channels, commercial paper, product packaging, catalogs and technical sheets, web pages and social networks.

The brand image, corporate or product, normalizes to a visual image manual, or stabilizes the standards of use of symbols, logotype, typography, color, brand version.

Packaging design and sustainable development

Conceptualization, design and development of primary (bottles) secondary (kits) and tertiary (packaging) packaging systems that reflect the brand’s philosophy of being functional and sustainable oriented to the market and its consumers for create emotional consumer experiences, which provides differential and competitive value to position itself internationally.

Analysis of industrial materials and processes

Carrying out comparative analyzes of materials that are sold to be used in the packaging system to determine the most optimal and suitable ones from the point of view of sustainability, functionality in considering the 80% of the environmental impacts that a product has are determined in the design phase.

Also, we analyze the industrial processes that are the most efficient for the manufacture of the packaging system, considering those that use fewer resources, generate less impact ambiental and maintain certified quality.

Certification of sustainable materials

The search for sustainable materials is one of the major objectives for our society and our environment. This is how the new policy of the European Commission establishes it through the grean deal agreement. For this reason, CAAE with his big experience of more than 30 years in the fields of certification medioambiental and ecological certification which verify products under the standards of materials sustainable to guarantee to the consumer the principles of sustainability of packaging materials and used raw materials.

Compatible paper and cardboard, biodegradable containers and buckets are among the principles offered by the CAAE sustainable material standard.

Verifying with guarantee the balance between the development of the society and the medioambiental sustainability is the basis of this standard.

Creative strategy

We plan advertising communication strategies for the enhancement of brands and their products to potentiate the differential values that hold.

We create the image of campaigns for print or digital media with the objective of positioning ourselves in market segments.

Writing business-product content

Corporate and product literature creates and forms part of the brand image of companies and products.

Literary content must communicate the narrative of the company, its history, the products or the origin to place the user in a unique scenario.
donde el relato apele a las emociones para cautivarlo, explicando el porqué de esa marca, para que se identifique con ella y conecte.

Advertising and product photography

The image as the texts are generators of identity, an important question Consider, a good corporate image, installation, olive trees, products or gastronomy invite to discover the brand and everything it represents.

The image describes the qualities and characteristics of the brand which allows us to take into account a better idea of the values.

We realize exterior or interior images of the company, agriculture, nature, product to use in web, social networks, catalogs, cards, advertisements, fairs…

Design of web pages and management of social networks

Design and programming of corporate web pages, products and online magazines. Social media management.