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Is a consulting company that works in the olive sector at an international level. Our services allow us to provide the customer with the technical assistance and the tools necessary to achieve excellence in the different sectors of the business, all with one key objective: QUALITY. Our success is based on the knowledge, experience and passion we have for this sector and all its surroundings.

Beatriz Maeso
Chemist. Expert
in Tasting and Oleotechnics

Technical assistance in oil mills

Face-to-face control of fruit maturity and oil extraction. Objective: to obtain high quality extra virgin olive oil that meets market requirements without neglecting process yield control.

Warehouse organization

Warehouse management according to variety, quality and type of oil that require marketing. Fundamental work to create the desired product lines and maintain its quality over time.

Preparation of blends

Analysis of the sensory profile of all the oils produced and research of the best (combinations) to obtain unique and differentiated extra virgins, which meet the requirements of the objective.

Sensory profiles and tasting notes

Study of the positive attributes present without the nose and in the mouth with a detailed description that includes: type of aromas, flavors, intensities, complexity, balance… Everything described in tasting sheets: reports and graphs.

Installation of laboratories

Determination of the equipment necessary for the analyzes requested, research and management of budgets and assembly of the equipment upon arrival.

Focus of physico-chemical analysis

Implementation and development of physico-chemical analysis and its corresponding experimental methods.

Setting up and managing tasting panels

Setting up and follow-up of tasting panels (panel test) according to current standards, applying the established system.

Selection of oils for marketing

Research and selection of oils for purchase-sale operations and document management for marketing.

Technical training

Organization and delivery of courses with fixed programs and established for the client (on-line or face-to-face) in facilities specific to or selected by the company.

Quality standards and protocols

Technical assistance for the implementation of quality management system or work protocols.

Internal auditing ISO 17025

Implementation of external auditors or implementation of the documentary system based on the ISO 17025 standard.

Design and construction of oil mills

Planning and construction of oil mills through unique and personalized designs, adaptation of projects to the new concept of oleo-tourism by meeting technical and sanitary requirements. Estimation of the maximum cost, acquisition of machines and functional test.

Product management

Search for best practices for the management of by-products, establishing action plans for each case separately.

Organization of fairs / events

Organization of all types of events, fairs, dissemination, tasting for adults and children, presentation of oils, etc. adhering to the planning according to the characteristics of each job.